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The Clover Predictive platform is an intelligent analytics and predictive analysis tool developed for industrial companies

Makes predictions about the technical condition of equipment and the manufacture of defective products
Automatically sends notifications about equipment failures
Classifies the causes of defective product manufacturing and the origins of anomalies
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With advanced mathematics, we analyze telemetry date collected from sensors, external parameters, and records from enterprises’ management systems

Building mathematical models to search for anomalies
Constructing a predictive model of equipment behavior
Training the system with the help of engineers for high accuracy analysis
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We display analyzed information via graphs, tables, and reports

Parameters of the technical condition of the equipment
Diagnostic cards
Timelines with predictions of equipment failures, indicating the part of the mechanism that might fail
Your opportunities with Clover Group solutions
Increase production
volumes by 20-25%
Reduce maintenance
costs by 25-30%
Reduce failures by 70-75%
Cut downtime by 35-45%
Increase your products’ competitiveness in local and foreign markets
Increase the efficiency of the use of human capital
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