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About us
The Clover Group attracts the best, most talented minds and to its team to create artificial intelligence in industry.

We develop and implement solutions for intellectual diagnostics and predictive analysis for enterprises in various industries, including: power engineering, machine building, oil and gas, and metalworking.

Developing and honing skills, we create a completely new vision of production, laying the foundation for the application of artificial intelligence in industry.
Clover Team
Data scientists, industry experts, business analysts, and developers
Moscow, Kazan
Two offices in Russia
Center for Industrial Expertise
Experts in power engineering, mechanical engineering, oil and gas, and metalworking
Our mission
We help industrial enterprises transform themselves through intellectual analytics. We are laying the foundation for the development of the ecosystem of the industrial Internet, making artificial intelligence technologies available for production companies.
Appeal of the General Director
Denis Kasimov
Denis Kasimov
Chief Executive Officer
Transformation of industry is the goal to which our team has been striving for a long time and to which I personally have been striving for 10 years. With all the noise around digitalization, there are quite understandable steps we need to take to achieve a certain result and get an effect. We know these steps, we know what we are doing, and we know what brings results.

The real value of our business is in the transformation of industrial companies and the increases in the efficiency of their work. I would like to share this value with people who are interested, ambitious people who are ready to change the world: customers, partners, and new team members .
Values of the company

We follow and value the spirit of innovation and progress

Big Plans
We know where we are going and what our plans are. We want to bring Russian industry to a new level - digital, intelligent, and competitive
Unstoppable Growth
Self-development is the air that enables us to create and grow. We replenish the library with books, conduct training seminars, attend conferences, and share discoveries
Intellectual Explosion
Our team brings together the best: engineers, physicists, mathematicians, analysts, and managers. Our intellectual solutions are created by talented, intelligent people
Our partners
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Руководитель департамента разработки


Build and develop a strong and successful R&D team
Lead the applications of advances in IoT / digital technology to solve business problems in innovative ways
Recommend modern technology stacks to meet those goals and help engineering teams migrate towards their use
Bring in latest innovative technologies, collaborating with external vendors, procurement, etc.
Select proper technologies via research, evaluation/ comparison and building prototypes
Present to senior stakeholders/ management boards on market trends, insights and proposed solutions
Be technical leader and visionary
Contribute to technology and product leadership
Establish new development processes, utilizing the best practices in industry
Develop new processes and ways-of-working
Communicate product vision and roadmap
Contribute to the technology strategy
Manage relations with internal and external stakeholders
Sourcing of workforce suppliers
Implementation of KPIs as defined by the organization
Continuous improvement on efficiency, quality and reducing waste
Drive Knowledge Sharing and Learning
Key Qualifications

Exceptional leadership skills
Degree in electronics, physics, applied mathematics or computer science or related disciplines
Experience from managing software development teams
Hands-on experience from software development
5+ years of experience from working in leading companies
Strong ability to formulate an organizational vision and long term strategy
Experience from leading technology strategy work
Strong analytical skills


Student or graduate without work experience? Start a career with us, using the internship program.

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