Clover Group Gets New General Director
27 March 2019
By a resolution of the Board of Directors of the Clover Group, Denis Kasimov has become the Chairman of the Board Denis Lisin was appointed to the position of General Director.

Denis Kasimov will deal with the company’s strategic development goals, the launch of technologies to the global market, and the promotion of trends in predictive analytics and AI solutions. Denis Lisin will be involved in operational management and the development of solutions in the Russian and foreign markets.

„The Clover Group has managed to make real progress in developing the market of solutions for intelligent repairs, the transformation of support services, and the management of productive assets. When we began our work, this was a new market where it was essential to develop the understanding that analysis of big data is crucial when making managerial decisions. Now the market is ready for the technologies the company offers. We have serious strategic tasks related to entering the foreign market and strengthening our position in the Russian market,“ says General Director Denis Lisin.

Lisin has been working at the company since May 2016, when it was created. He was the company’s co-founder and held the position of Executive Director. Since then, the company has become the technology leader in business solutions for predictive data analysis for industry. The company cooperates with major manufacturers in Russia, the CIS, and Europe.
Anna Odintsova
Author of the article
Anna Odintsova
Press Centre
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